A Canadian Guest Blog Post: DIY


 With the relaunch of Willow & Park comes a new series featuring Canadian bloggers!

Because as I'm sure you all already know, here at Willow & Park we're all about featuring Canadian talent in whatever form it comes in! And if you know me then you know I've been blog obsessed for years now, so it just seemed like a natural move to start introducing Willow & Park readers to other great Canadian blogs. 

First up is Keisha of the blog Loving Littles. I am obsessed with this cute little DIY she came up with for W&P readers. It's perfect for adding a little charm to a room. 

Without further delay, I give you Keisha. Enjoy!

Who loves pretty things?? I do, I do! I’m sharing today a pretty doily banner that's easy & pretty to hang. I love to decorate my daughter's room and for parities. This banner is a perfect multi-purpose decoration!! Enjoy!
What You Need:
  • Doilies
  • Food Colour
  • String
  • Glue
  • Newspaper


  1. Fill water & a couple drops of food colouring into a bowl. 

2. Lightly dip the white doilies into the bowl with colour & lay flat on a piece of scrap paper.

3. Let dry!

4. Once they’re dry, heat up your glue gun and string the doilies together. Mix and match! Play around with your favourite colors.

5. Hang up on your wall!

Thank you for reading!
For more easy DIY’s please follow me @lovinglittlesblog or my blog at 
Twitter @loving_littles

Big thanks to Keisha for writing this awesome guest post for Willow & Park. Make sure you check out her blog and other social media accounts!

If you're a Canadian blogger and you'd like to share your blog with Willow & Park readers, don't hesitate to contact us. We love working with fellow Canadians in any way that we can! 

Welcome Back!


Welcome to the new Willow & Park!

If you've been here before, you might be a little confused... 

How did it take THAT long to make all these very small changes?

Which is a totally justified thought! It did take quite a while to get W&P back online, but I stand behind that decision. There needed to be time to decide what the new Willow & Park would be and what it would sell. I didn't rush it, and again, I think that was for the best. 

In a nut shell, I would no longer describe W&P as a lifestyle boutique. Instead we are a shop that specializes in small fashion items and the Canadian subscription bag. We are the destination for Canadian online shoppers looking to find small, cute fashion items. And we're perfect if you're a Canadian subscription junkie. In this chapter of Willow & Park's history, we will be focusing even more heavily on our Canadian roots, mostly through our new subscription service.

To sum it up, these are the obvious changes you'll find (I could talk to you about alt tags and image sizes to speed up load times, but nobody wants to hear about that). So,:

  • There is no longer a Beauty and Home Decor department (these sections were always Canadian made anyway, so now you'll find beauty and home decor items in the Made in Canada section)
  • Shipping Rates. We now offer free shipping on orders over $50! 'Cause everyone likes free shipping! Anything under will be a flat rate cost of $7.99.
  • We now only ship to Canada! We really want to focus on being a Canadian shop and offering the best products and prices to Canadians. However, all of our American friends are welcome to send us an email if there is a product they are interested in!
  • And of course! The long awaited Subscription Service! We are super excited to now be offering the Made in Canada Subscription Bag for $27/month. To read more or subscribe, head here
  • And coming soon! A gift service! The details haven't all been sorted out, but soon we'll be offering a gift service that allows customers to send small gifts to their friends and family. Stay tuned for more information on that one.

Can you tell I'm really excited about all these changes? A little overkill on the exclamation marks. But I can't help it, I'm excited to be back up and running! :)

You may have noticed the Made in Canada section is looking a little bare. W&P for the next little while will really be pushing its Made in Canada Subscription Bag. For the time being, the Canadian artists and brands we work with will be providing its product for our bags. Once we know which products and brands are popular with subscribers, we will add to the Made in Canada section!

Again, maybe it doesn't look like much has changed, but it took this time to really see the vision and direction for Willow & Park, and its my sincere hope that people will respond well to this new time in W&P's short history!

You all rock! xox

Behind the Scenes! The Willow & Park Logo

Can you believe that it's been almost a year since Willow & Park started to take shape? Our store officially launched June 21st of 2015, but it was around the end of January that we really started to put Willow & Park plans into action.

Lately I've found I'm a little nostalgic for those early days of Willow & Park development. The days where Willow & Park was predominantly going to be a clothing brand, where Canadian products weren't even a thought, and when we seriously considered naming the shop "The Lavender Bungalow"... I'm obviously totally thrilled with how things are going today, but there's something pretty magical about that first month of creating a new brand. 

A couple days ago I was doing some much needed house cleaning on my computer, and I came across a folder on my desktop labelled, "W&P Logos." Oh what a throwback that was! In it were all the logos we had come up when creating the brand. I see our actual logo multiple times on a daily basis now, so it's pretty odd to look at what could have been. 

Personally, creating the logo was a huge deal for me. I knew it would follow us for a long time, so yeah, I was a little obsessive. To the point where if I showed you every little change, you might think I'm a little crazy. You know, there would maybe be a small increase in font size, or the willow would be a little closer to the park, or even a slight variation in colour...So instead of boring you with that, here are some of the totally different test logos we made!

willow & park logo

What do 'ya think? Keep in mind these were just tests to play with fonts and colours, but still pretty weird to see, right?

A logo can bring about an entirely different feel for a brand, so really what you're seeing here is us deciding what Willow & Park would be, and I gotta say, Im pretty pleased with the direction we ended up going!

And we hope you are too! Happy middle of week, friends! xox 

How to Wear a Fur Vest

Okay, ladies, who has ever wanted to try wearing a fur vest with little to no success? Unfortunately there's always that overwhelming fear you might look somewhat like a wild animal, or you could become that girl everyone keeps petting (awkward). Both scenarios are not ideal. And so we wanted to try giving you the confidence and inspiration to be bold and rock a fur vest (because you so can!). 

Our Willow & Park Khaki Fur Vest is currently on clearance (from $55 to now only $45), and we believe it's an amazing staple piece to add to your wardrobe (outfit looking a little drab? Throw on a fur vest and BAM, you're fashionable; it's like a science or something). This vest is the perfect combination of fashionable and functional, because yes, it is possible to remain warm and keep your stylish integrity. Not to mention the Willow & Park Faux Fur Vest is extra long, meaning it looks great with both dresses and leggings! Don't believe me? Check out the outfits I put together below to show how versatile your fur vest can be, going from a day look to an evening look. 

how to wear a fur vest for day night

Available at Willow & Park: Faux Fur Vest, Red Cable Knit Headband, Faux Leather Leggings, Black Fringe Satchel (ALL LISTED ITEMS ARE ON CLEARANCE AND HAVE BEEN REDUCED IN PRICE)

And guys, if red is not your colour, never fear, even something as simple as your little black dress and black boots will work for this look (click here to see how right I am).

So go on, what are you waiting for? Step outside your comfort zone and try out a fur vest. Besides potentially being pet more frequently than you'd probably like, you've got nothing to lose. In fact, I can bet people are going to be jealous you have the fashion balls to pull off such a trendy piece. And hey, if that doesn't motivate you then just know this vest is reduced in price and we have very limited quantities. We really don't think you want to miss out on this one. Get 'dem booties moving on over to our clearance section!

Have you ever tried a fur vest? If yes, thoughts? If no, what's holding you back? xox

Introducing the Canadian-Made Subscription Box!

It's an exciting day for Willow & Park! If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you may have already heard about the launch of our new Canadian-made subscription boxes! We're pretty jazzed about this one. 

We love subscription boxes, 'cause really, what's better than getting a little hassle-free gift to yourself every month, sent right to your door? Our main goal is to give our awesome Willow & Park friends the opportunity to discover quality, trendy, Canadian-made products, while also providing a little pamperin'! You all deserve to treat yourself with a monthly gift, while also knowing you're helping to support amazingly gifted, Canadian talent. A little two for one, eh?

With your purchase of the W&P subscription box, you'll receive your box of the month, full of goodies, curated by us for you. Included in your box will always be one product from a featured Canadian artist (full size products, no samples here!), information on where you can purchase more product from the featured artist, plus other smaller-sized treats (think jewellery, bath and beauty, and trinkets; note: these smaller items will not always be Canadian-made, and instead are extra additions to the featured product). The amount of goodies you receive in your box will depend on which plan you sign up for. We want to provide a box for any budget, so you'll have options! We're currently thinking in the $12-35 price range. 

Here's a sample box to give you an idea of what our subscription boxes could look like. Again, please keep in mind the amount of product will be dependent on which plan you purchase. There will of course be more detail as to price ranges and product sizes once closer to launch. However, these are all products that could hypothetically be included!

Canadian Subscription Box

Sound good? Well, then let us know you're interested and sign up to receive updates on the launch of our box! By signing up you are not committed to any type of purchase. You are simply giving us a heads up that you may want to purchase once the boxes become available. And bonus, if you do end up purchasing the box, signing up now awards you 20% off your first purchase! It's as easy as clicking here and providing your email address. 

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the W&P subscription box, please feel free to contact us. And of course, Canadian artists, if you'd like to be considered a featured artist, please also get in touch!

We hope you're all as excited about this as we are! We look forward to getting your feedback and supporting this awesome country! TGIF :)

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